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Looking for coverage in Venice, North Port and Port Charlotte, Florida? We have served Sarasota and Charlotte counties for over five decades.
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Auto Insurance Information

Auto Insurance Basics
Travelers Insurance, one of the fine companies Moody Agency represents, has developed an interactive website that helps explain Automobile Insurance. Take a look at the site and give us a call if you have any questions or would like to discuss your coverage.

Auto Insurance Basics

Better Coverage Basics
This interactive tool allows will help you to understand the various types of coverages available and considerations when shopping for auto insurance. Better Coverage Basics is not intended to advise you of coverage, limits, or deductibles for your specific situation, and the information presented is not a recommendation. Actual coverage is subject to the terms, limits, and conditions of the particular policy. Your use of this tool confirms your understanding of its conditions and limitations. The experienced Moody Agency staff will be happy to assist and advise about insurance for your particular needs.

Better Coverage Basics

Moody Agency Auto Insurance
If you have an accident with your vehicle, auto insurance policies work to protect you against financial loss. Individual policies are a contract between drivers and the insurance agency. When you agree to pay the insurance premium for your policy, the insurance company commits to pay for any losses as defined in your policy.

Auto insurance policies include property, liability and medical coverage:

  • Property coverage will pay for damages to your automobile, or in the event that your vehicle is stolen insurance will pay to replace your vehicle.
  • Liability coverage will pay for your legal responsibility to others in the event of property damage or personal injury.
  • Medical coverage will pay for the treatment, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages due to injury. Medical coverage may also pay for funeral expenses.

Auto insurance policies generally consist of six different kinds of coverage. Most states require drivers to buy some of these types of coverage, though not all of them. If you are still financing your vehicle, lenders may also have specific individual requirements. To learn more about the requirements for Florida residents and for your individual situation, please contact one of our agents for further details.

Auto policies are generally for six months or one year. When it is time to renew the policy or to pay your premium, your insurance company will be able to notify you by mail or online.

Why do I need auto insurance?
With the incredible freedom afforded to drivers, there is also a great deal of responsibility. Making sure that your vehicle is properly insured protects you financially in the event of an accident. 

  • If you are in an accident or if your car is stolen, auto insurance can provide the funds necessary to fix or replace your vehicle.
  • If you or anyone else is injured in an accident, medical expenses can be extremely costly. Liability coverage and medical coverage help pay expsenses.
  • If you or your vehicle is responsible for any damages or injury to others, you may face legal action. Liability coverage protects you in such an event.
  • Auto insurance is not only a prudent individual financial decision; most states require that you have coverage.

Questions to explore with the Moody Agency
Our agency is a strong advocate for identifying the individual auto insurance plan that meets your personal needs. Below are a few important questions to discuss with one of our agents: 

  • How much can you reasonably afford to pay if you were to get in an auto accident?
  • Is the insurance company known for paying claims fairly and promptly?
  • Are any policy discounts available for your individual case?
  • What is the specific process for filing and settling a claim? 

The Moody Agency will talk you through the features of your vehicle and your past driving history so you may make an informed decision about coverage. Depending on your individual circumstances, multiple policy and student discounts may be available.

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The Moody Agency has helped to insure drivers in Venice, North Port and Port Charlotte, Florida . We have served Sarasota and Charlotte counties for over five decades. Seeing that you have the proper auto protection is a vital concern for our agents, and we will be happy to set up an appointment with you at either of our two locations. To contact us directly, please write to us or phone an agent today: Contact us. For our Venice office, please call (941) 493-1583. For our North Port office, please call (941) 429-8801. 

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