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Looking for coverage in Venice, North Port and Port Charlotte, Florida? We have served Sarasota and Charlotte counties for over five decades.
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Homeowners Insurance Information

Moody Agency Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners insurance protects you, your family, and your home in the event of a disaster. Here at the Moody Agency, we cannot think of a higher priority. A standard policy insures the home itself and the possessions kept in the home. No two homes are identical, and everyone's needs are different. It is best to consult your agent to help assess your needs and find the insurance policy that is right for your personal situation.

Homeowner policies are generally sold as a package. In a package policy, the homeowners insurance would cover damages to your property, as well as any liability or legal responsibility for property damages and injuries you or members of your family cause to other people. This may include damages caused by pets of the household as well.

Damages caused by most disasters are covered, but it is important to note that there are exceptions. The most significant exceptions are the damages caused by flooding, earthquakes, or negligent maintenance. Policies for flood and earthquake damages must be purchased separately from homeowners insurance. Maintenance-related issues are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. 

Benefits and Security
Maintaining homeowners insurance is really all about protecting yourself financially if something unexpected were to happen to your home or possessions. Your home is one of the largest financial investments of your lifetime. A personally crafted homeowners policy helps to secure your investment against unforeseen difficulties. Basic benefits include the following:

  • If a home is destroyed by fire or damaged by a natural disaster, homeowners insurance provides the funds to repair or replace it.
  • If a guest in the home is injured, liability protection and medical coverage help pay expenses.
  • If you are a victim of theft, homeowners insurance can reimburse you for lost possessions.
  • If you are a victim of vandalism, homeowners insurance can pay for repairs.

Additionally, if you are still in the process of paying for your home, lenders will require homeowners insurance. Whether you are seeking insurance because it is required or simply for your own peace of mind, it is important to have a well-founded understanding of any policy before enrolling. It is vital that you read your policy thoroughly so you know precisely what is and is not included in your personal policy.

Our staff at the Moody Agency are always happy to discuss what is covered by any individual policy and to answer any questions you may have. Below are a number of questions to consider when talking to your agent:

  • If my house or my belongings are destroyed or damaged, what would the cost be to rebuild or replace them?
  • Is the insurance company known for paying claims fairly and promptly?
  • Are any policy discounts are available for your individual case?
  • What is the specific process for filing and settling a claim?

The Moody Agency will talk you through the features of your home and your possessions so you may make an informed decision about coverage. Depending on your individual circumstances, multiple policy, security system and fire resistance discounts may be available.

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The Moody Agency has helped to insure homeowners in Venice, North Port, and Port Charlotte, Florida. We have served Sarasota and Charlotte counties for over five decades . To contact us directly, please write to us or phone an agent today: Contact Moody Agency. For our Venice office, please call (941) 493-1583. For our North Port office, please call (941) 429-8801. 

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